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“Quran for Kids & Moms” is a Tajweed program to introduce and revise the Quran in innovative and creative ways to students of all ages.
We help our students adopt the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and commandments of Allah Ta’ala, as well as develop empathy for other human beings through stories, quizzes, worksheets, and art work.
Our aim is to inculcate values of unity, obedience, humility and sacrifice in our students through character building activities. Masnoon Duas and Azkaar are also a part of our sessions.
Through programs tailored specifically for the needs of mothers, we aim to make the Quran accessible and easy for the fast-paced life of our times.
Our curricula are flexible with sessions throughout the week. Mothers can easily find a time slot that suits them.

Tailored lessons

We engage students from all age groups with diverse learning abilities. Each student’s lesson is planned according to their own ability and availability. Students are not pressurized to do more than they can.

How we are different from other online Madersahs?


We teach Quran with phonics which helps everyone including people with special needs

We use stories, poetry and mnemonics ( systems for improving and assisting the memory ) to make learning fun.

Alhumdulilah both adults and kids enjoy our classes equally.

Character Building Process for Kids

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Namaz helps us structure our day, provide a much needed break from the affairs of the world, and helps us reconnect with Allah Ta’ala. We inculcate the habit of namaz in our students by making them aware of its manifold benefits.

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Wuzu is a preliminary to all types of worship while it is a form of ibadat itself if performed properly. We guide our students to best practices in wuzu such as water conservation, cleanliness, and a way to seek forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala.

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Story-telling is one of the fundamental tools that we use to impart vital concepts to our students. Every letter, concept, and rule is taught with a story. Concepts are etched onto the minds of our students through this technique.

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Masnoon Duas

Reciting duas helps children and adults develop a strong and unbreakable bond with Allah SWT from the very early age. This will inshAllah help them phase life challanges later in life.